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The silicone blankets on offer from Hocks are the result of many years of development work and practical experience. The technical properties of the silicone blankets are suitably matched to the kind of finishing –like crabbing and pressing- and to the type of machine. In our assortment you will find blankets in various widths and with different interior perimeters as well as thicknesses and surface weights.

The silicone coatings can be applied on one side or on both. The silicone which is used has been developed especially for a number of different purposes by a well-known silicone manufacturer.

Our silicone blankets are distinguished by the following features:                                                     

  • very good dimensional stability,since the endless needle felting (base material) is thermo-set on special machines;
  • very uniform surface;
  • very good resistance to chemicals (with one-sided coating the edges and part of the underside are given a light silicone treatment so that machine oil and chemicals used in textile processes cannot penetrate into the felt);
  • very good rolling quality without the formation of „elephant hide“; also with small guiding rollers.

The needle felting out of which silicone blankets are made is mainly manufactured from polyester and Aramid. The hand-ground, rub-resistant surface of the silicone coating differs according to the type of machine.




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