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Hocks‘ product development is orientated to the technical characteristics of the various types of machine.

The large number of types of machine on which felting is used as a support material, results in the development of a broad range of products. Thus, we supply endless needle felts for continuous decatizing, shrink-calendering, Sanfor, Vigoureux printing, transfer printing and Polrotor machines. On offer from us is the widest-possible variety of products with the most varied technical parameters. The interior perimeter and the width of the endless needle felts fit the dimensions of the machine. The surface weight of the needle felts which is put to use varies according to the type of machine.

Differing materials, material thickness and surface weight result in different effects on the surface of the fabric or knitted material which is receiving treatment. Needle felts belts generally made from wool fibres, special polyester fibres, Aramid as well as PES-Aramid blends are used. These are suitably hydrolysis-resistant and avoid the destruction of the blanket at extreme temperatures and conditions of humidity. At the same time these feltings also constitute the base material for our silicone blankets. According to customers‘ wishes needle felting belts can be made with different technical parameters from several components.




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