In principle this process amounts to localized dyeing which is carried out by different processes.                                                                   

For the following processes Hocks offers endless products:

  • Vigoureux printing/application:
    printing of combed top. Through repeated doubling and stretching the yarn acquires an even melange effect. The felts put to use here is made from 100% wool or Aramid and is remarkable for its long life.


  • Transfer Printing:
    The endless thermal transfer belts made by Hocks from endless needle felts have some layers of Aramid fibres fixed by needles to the inside as well as to the surface in order to withstand the high temperature of the cylinder of the transfer machine.The transfer printing belts have a level surface to avoid marks on the material.Since the belts are fixed at high temperatures the dimensions of the blankets in use on the machine do not change. Hocks‘ products are used on the following types of machine: Bates, Bizmak, Fontanet, Gessner, Klieverik, Lemaire, Monti, Perkins, STM und Stork, etc.

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