Kier decatizing

Kier decatizing
Continuous decatizing
Finish decatizing

The purpose of this process is to achieve maximum dimensional stability. In addition, volume,texture as well as the appearance of the wool and woollen-mix fabrics are all affected.

The decatizing wrapper can be used several hundred times. This places enormous demands on the quality of our products. Just a knot in the surface of the wrapper would be impressed into the woollen material and result in 1B production quality. Since the wrapper is used several hundred times, many pieces of material would be affected by this fault. The same applies to yarn irregularities, stains and holes.So it is clear that the manufacture of decatizing textiles demands a high degree of sensibility with regard to production quality.

Our faultless products will reduce the proportion of your 1B quality in the finishing process.


The sateen decatizing wrappers are mainly made of special cotton/synthetic blends ,whereby in the development of the product great importance is given to a long lifetime which will result in more economic decatizing.

These wrappers are made from special cotton/synthetic blends and are used to produce low-lustre woollens.

The molton wrappers are manufactured from pure cotton(specially cultivated) or from special cotton/synthetic blends and are used in boiler and finish decatizing

These are used to protect the wrappers and also to prolong their lifetime.Through their use a better and more uniform distribution of steam in the decatizing boiler is ensured. The maintenance requirement is reduced since the perforated roller, being protected by the underwinding, needs no additional cleaning.

These help avoid end pressure marking.Our materials have been tested on numerous widely-used types of machines like,for example, Biella Schrunk, Bisio, Fité, Ketting+Braun, Menschner, Moers, Sperotto Rimar and TMT etc. and have shown outstanding results.


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