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Finish decatizing

The setting of the finished material in the boiler decatizing process is followed either by shrinking plus finish decatizing or only the latter.The purpose of this treatment is to remove the glaze (which is not set) on the surface of the material and then by this process to create a more attractive, dye-fast fibre sheen. Additionally thereby, the texture structure and the shrink- fastness of the finished fabric are favourably influenced.

For finish decatizing Hocks recommends wrappers in molton or in napped sateen as well as underwindings and spreading strips.


The wrappers in napped sateen are made of special cotton/synthetic blends and are used in the production of low-lustre woollen material.


These are made either from pure cotton (specially and exclusively cultivated) or from special cotton/synthetic blends for boiler and finish decatizing.

The underwindings are used to protect the wrappers and to prolong their lifetime. Distribution of the steam is improved. Through the use of underwindings the maintenance requirement is reduced since the perforated roller, being protected by the winding, needs no additional cleaning.

These serve to avoid end pressure marking.


Hocks‘ decatizing wrappers and other support materials for textile finishing are suitable for use on the machines of numerous well-known machinery manufacturers, for example, Biella Schrunk, Bisio, Crosta, Fité, Gessner, Kettling+Braun, Marion, Menschner, Moers, Sellers, Sperotto Rimar, Textilmaschinenbau Aue and TMT, etc.


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