Crabbing is a preliminary treatment for both undyed and dyed woven fabrics with differing objectives. In the case of undyed woven material the crabbing process serves to fix the fabric so as to avoid too intensive creasing and felting at the subsequent dyeing stage. After being dyed the woven fabric is smoothed and levelled by crabbing. Silicone blankets are used in this process.

Thanks to endless belt production our silicone blankets enjoy a significantly longer life than similar products on the market.Due to the absence of overlapping connecting pieces the endless composition makes finishing without marking possible. The hand-ground, rub-resistant surface is a guarantee for a long-lasting and optimal decatizing quality.

Hocks is able to offer you two different types of silicone blanket for the crabbing process: one is the classic type, consisting of endless needle felting and single-sided silicone coating, the other consists of an endless Aramid mesh fabric with double-sided silicone coating (extra thin).

The silicone blankets offered by Hocks are used on the machines of the following manufacturers: Biella Schrunk, Hemmer, m-tec, Santex, Sellers und Sperotto Rimar, etc.


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